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Work in Progress–Characters

I’m using my character profile worksheet again. This character plays the lead in a book I’m calling See Willy See for now–because of his initials and middle name. So here he is, Connor William Conroy, brother, son, farmer, hobo, soldier, just trying to get along. Connor Conroy Profile Worksheet Basic Statistics Name: Connor William Conroy… Read more Work in Progress–Characters

Trampling in Eggshells

I met Karen Stork at a book festival. I’d just given a presentation on researching memoirs and she wanted to tell me about hers, Screw the Eggshells. She said she’d written about verbal abuse in her marriage and always feeling like she had to walk on eggshells. Since I’d experienced some of the same misery,… Read more Trampling in Eggshells

Anita O’Day — My Research

Since my mom didn’t talk about her career as a singer, I decided, when I decided to write The Reluctant Canary Sings, to find out what her life may have been like. I hoped to learn something about her experience from other female vocalists who started during the late thirties and early forties. When I found Anita… Read more Anita O’Day — My Research

What Do You Do When You Finish a Book?

Yay! As you know, if you’ve followed this blog, The Reluctant Canary Sings is now live on Amazon. So what do you do when you’ve finally finished a book, it’s published, and out there for people to read? I guess you take a deep breath and go on to the next one. This second book, and… Read more What Do You Do When You Finish a Book?

Romantic Conundrum

I had the weirdest experience last week. I shared it in brief on Facebook, but I’m still thinking about it. You see, I read someone else’s book. I won’t say whose and I won’t give the title, because what I’m about to write is a spoiler. It’s about the end. It really surprised me and… Read more Romantic Conundrum

There’s a Killer Out There!

I left the apartment and scurried down the stairs. Outside, I noticed the cloudless sky and hurried to my first stop before the pavement got too hot. I’d had an idea overnight, and I stopped first at the pawn shop, two blocks away. I found a little gun that would just fit my hand. Burt,… Read more There’s a Killer Out There!


This comes a little late, I guess, but I needed a few days to process. Since I live next to the largest railroad switch yard in the world, I wanted to get away from the roar of the railroad for the eclipse. I hoped to watch the sun disappear in a place where I could… Read more Eclipse

It’s Alive!

I had kind of forgotten how exciting it is to finally get a book up and running. My fourth went live on Amazon just two days ago and that’s pretty rewarding. I will write a little more about it later. Right now, I’m focused on the book I helped to format. It’s called How to… Read more It’s Alive!


I’ve just read in Discover Magazine that scientists have enough anatomical info about woolly mammoths, extinct birds and dinosaurs, and even our ancient human ancestor, Lucy, to recreate their voices. That’s amazing, but in some ways, it makes me sad. It will be wonderful and instructive to hear all those ancient sounds, but the vocal… Read more V O I C E S

How To Survive Day One

I did a mountain of research for the 20,000 words I dropped from The Reluctant Canary Sings. I found several autobiographies by women who served, and their accounts were so full of detail that I was able to really provide a picture of that way of life. Culture shock is an understatement for Bobbi’s arrival at Fort… Read more How To Survive Day One