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Faith with camera Child playing dress up Faith Portrait One of my mother's childhood friend visited us on the farm. Below is the photo she took of our family. From the left is me, Dad, my little sister, Jo Ann, and Mom. At right, I'm wearing the dress I made for my son's wedding. Faith in Formal Gown
Part of my job used to be photography. To the left, I'm photographing my oldest son's college graduation from the University of Southern California. Above, my aunt dressed me up in her ruffled organdy gowns and posed me on the piano bench. Family posed in yard
Christening Canoe

One spring day, my two sons and I headed out on the Elkhorn River with my friend, Desoto Refuge manager, George Gage and his son. George had my two kids in his canoe and I had his son in mine. When we came to a snag, I yelled go left and the boy paddled right. And that's the real reason the canoe broke in half.

I guess I hit the boat a little hard with that wine bottle.

A sixth-generation Nebraskan, I'm thoroughly immersed in midgrass and shortgrass prairies I grew up with two quirky parents and a younger sister who was as much a tomboy as I was. Mom was a retired "canary" who sang with the big bands in around the Great Lakes and up and down the Eastern Seaboard and my father was a farmer. With my grandmother, I've walked the grasslands, smelling tiny onion blossoms so sweet they'll make your ears ring and watching pronuba moths fall like petals from the waxy, white blossoms of yucca. As a public information officer for the state Game and Parks Commission, I've canoed the Dismal, ridden the Sandhills with dog trainers, cross country skied the Missouri bluffs, seined carp, fixed nets, picked trout eggs, and camped out along Bone Creek. I've had the opportunity to photograph wildlife, from Sandhill cranes to elk and buffalo and, having lived my entire life here, I gained intimate knowledge of the landscape that often appears as a character/catalyst in my work.

I earned a master's degree in creative writing from the University of Nebraska at Kearney as well as a bachelor's degree in journalism and political science and a master's degree in journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I received UNK's Outstanding Work in Fiction Award during its 2009 student conference and several awards from the Nebraska Federation of Press Women. My fiction has appeared in Kinesis and Platte Valley Review, and my poetry has been published in The Reynolds Review. While at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, I wrote numerous articles for NEBRASKAland magazine, including copy for photo essays and historical articles.

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Faith A. Colburn
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