“When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” — Aldo Leopold

Love and respect indeed. I’ve spent my life wandering the prairie, canoeing its rivers, floating the lakes, riding ahorseback behind some champion dog-trialing dogs, cross-country skiing in the Missouri bluff country. As Aldo Leopold said, “There are some people who can live without wilderness and some who can’t.” I count myself among those who can’t.

You’ll find several of my photos at the top of these pages. They express my love of the prairie land and creatures I’ve known since birth. I have scattered molecules of myself all over the Great Plains, most of them on a little dryland farm in the south-central part of Nebraska.

During more than a decade of work as a public information officer for the Game and Parks Commission, I got to work with a whole lot of people who are as passionate as I am about prairie. Some of them show up in the things I write, as do farm folk and town folk from my home town.

I worry about what global warming will do to the belly of the continent that I know so well, so I write to preserve what I know of it now.

What do YOU think.