Trampling in Eggshells

Karen's book cover with a woman walking in eggshells wearing red spike heels.I met Karen Stork at a book festival. I’d just given a presentation on researching memoirs and she wanted to tell me about hers, Screw the Eggshells. She said she’d written about verbal abuse in her marriage and always feeling like she had to walk on eggshells. Since I’d experienced some of the same misery, I agreed to review her book and I soon had an advance review copy on my Kindle.

The prologue surprised me a little, since it promised a lot more than just a memoir about surviving constant diminishing commentary. In a remembered conversation with her mother, Stork describes her new way of thinking about growing older. she writes that she has to goals in her memoir: 1. to help women in abusive relationships to get out, and 2. to help aging women (and men?) to realize it’s never too late to dream, set goals, and meet them, while having new adventures along the way.

Although Stork begins with the difficult relationship, she follows up with a bit about her early years and then gives us a lot about her adventures as she’s aged. She’s inspired me to figure out a way to afford the travel I’ve always wanted to do.

What's Happening Recommended by Hashcore

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