Big Band Music

I couldn’t resist just one post with only music. What follows is what Bobbi Bowen would have been singing and hearing. Please click through the ad(s) I tried to avoid them, but I linked to publicly available YouTube video/audios.

This one is a little late for Bobbi, but she’d have loved Glen Miller’s The Lady is a Tramp.

Jimmy Dorsey’s another artist whose title appears in The Reluctant Canary Sings. Here’s One O’Clock Jump recorded in 1942.

Tommy Dorsey’s Let’s Get Away From It All probably seemed like a good plan to Bobbi.

You get Bobbi humming and singing Artie Shaw throughout the novel. This one also appears in Canary. Begin the Beguineplease forgive the ad.

And now for the quintessential swing era tune. In the Mood.

This was fun, listening to all the old tunes and making my picks. What do you think? do you have other favorites?


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