18 wheelers on a two-lane road under stormy skies.
I met plenty of bull haulers going through Nebraska

For a little over a year, I drove a big truck over the road from coast to coast. My teammate and I took produce from the San Joaquin Valley to points east, mostly Chicago, a variety of stuff from Chicago to New York, and garment loads to the West Coast, mostly L.A. and San Francisco (actually Ontario or Newark, California). We got pretty efficient, taking one load from Little Ferry, New Jersey, to Ontario, California, in just 56 hours.

I met all kinds of people hauling the things most of us take for granted. Those over-the-road drivers rarely get home and truck driving can be a very lonely profession, but there’s a loosely-woven community out there and I wanted to write about that community.

Driving represents my first over-the-road story. I hope to get back to Debbie when I finish up the trilogy of novels I’m working on now.

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