As the daughter of a big band canary, Faith A. Colburn has unique insights into the backstage lives of the women who sang for their supper during some very hard times. Her other half, a combat veteran and farmer, provided some very different perspectives. With her grandmother, she walked the prairies, getting to know the wildflowers, while she waited for the two halves to finish their struggle to make a whole. She’s the award-winning author of fiction and narrative non-fiction that reveals the character of the prairie and its people, combining careful research with a plainswoman’s passion for her place.

New photo; new dress. Taken at Nebraska Writers' Guild Spring Conference 2015
New photo; new dress. Taken at Nebraska Writers’ Guild Spring Conference 2015

Hi. Just so you know a bit about me, I’ve been a truck driver, a farmer, an  environmentalist, and a mother of sons all grown now. I’m a hugger of trees, lover of old folks, history, quirky science, and books. I’ve been guilty of random acts of kindness and senseless beauty.

I sing with a chorus in North Platte that’s known as the Heartland Singers and singing torch songs with an orchestra remains on my bucket list, as does a safari on the Serengeti Plains.

My writing qualifications include an awful lot of living, some of it hard. I’ve worked most of my adult life as a writer, more than a decade as a public information officer for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. That gig deepened my familiarity with the Great Plains and its people. My work has appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines. I have also published two award-winning memoirs and a collection of essays describing my home on the plains.  So that’s me. Tell me what you do when you’re not checking out Websites.

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In December, the North Platte Telegraph previewed my library speech:

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In October, the Telegraph published the following about a joint book signing with D. Jean Smith.

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